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"If there's one thing I can tell you, you've got to remember your heart, your health, and your hands."

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Last night I went to bed in the same bed I woke up in. When I was trying to fall asleep I thought about everything I did that day. Here’s the list:

1. I woke up in my Philadelphia apartment at 9:00 AM.
2. I went to class.
3. I went to Temple’s gym.
4. I drove back to Bethlehem, Pa.
5. I sold last minute tickets for our band’s show later that evening.
6. I picked up my guitarist, and packed up all of our equipment.
7. I drove back towards Allentown, PA.
8. I played a live show with my entire band.
9. I drove back to Bethlehem, PA to play another set at the Sands Casino.
10. I then drove back to Philadelphia at 1:30 AM and fell on my bed as if the day never even happened.

It was a hell of a day, and somehow through the thick of it all I couldn’t lay horizontal in my doubled padded full size bed, and simply pass out. My mind was reminiscing about the show we played earlier in the evening, and I replayed the image of me, and my band mates watching the last act Our Last night perform their set.

The crowd was full of the typical teenage crowd that you would expect to see at a show within the punk-rock genre. A few years ago I was in that crowd. Big breakdowns would come in with booming drums, guitar chugs that would make mosh-pits break out. We would push and pull each other just to stay safe as if we were one big unit, and chant the vocals as if they were the only lyrics that could heal us of whatever emotional distress we were going through during our teenage years.

But now here we are, we’re the guys standing on the side watching what we used to do when we would go to see our favorite bands. It was an escape from reality for all of us that felt so surreal. It was almost like a secret society that only and other knew about, or could understand. 

It made me realize that even though that part of a show for me has diminished for me, it was still a huge part of my adolescence. I used these shows, and musicians to get me through some of the most difficult times of my teenage years. Sometimes when me, and some of my old friends get together, we listen to the old songs that bring us back to those days of being that kid in the crowd who was spilling his guts out on the floor to the lead singer.

For all of us, those years of adolescence in our lives is impacted by anything that we can identify with. I know it happened to me, and honestly I feel so lucky to have been brought into that scene. Maybe your adolescence is engulfed by your high-school football team, inspiring to be an artist, or striving to be a published author. Whatever it may be, there’s always going to be something out there to inspire you to be something bigger and better than would’ve ever dreamed of.

What I’m trying to say is, I’ve done things with my band that would’ve never happened if I wouldn’t have waited in line to go see bands like The Used, Taking Back Sunday, and Thursday. It made me believe that I want, and need to be on that stage doing the same thing so I can give back to the same community that helped me through my adolescence. I hope that some of those kids in that crowd realize that, and chase their dreams just like I did.

Today was an amazing day for Nintendo. Last night I was already excited because I knew that today was the release of Azure Striker Gunvault, but apparently Nintendo is coming out with a brand new 3DS and 3DS XL that are fastened with a two new triggers, and are given a second analog stick. These bad boys are going to have an even stronger battery life, an upgraded CPU, and support the upcoming Amiibo product line.

The announcement of Xenoblade Chronicles for the 3DS was also made. It won’t be able to run on old 3DS machines, but it’s still exciting to see it being ported to a portable console.

You can find all the details on IGN.

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#sick #thatswhyglencallsmeSHEMP @johnjackburcin